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18:30, February 2 1993

As well as updating its RS/6000 series with new machines designed specifically for commercial, technical and parallel computing markets (CI No 2,085), the company yesterday pitched itself into the thick of the Unix workstation price war with the introduction of a sub-$4,000 offering. With the exception of the parallel technology, the new uniprocessors use IBM's basic Rios 1 RISC chip set. On the technical side, the most interesting new addition is the $4,000 - UKP4,000 - 33MHz PowerStation M20 workstation, which comes with with 16Mb to 64Mb RAM, two-dimensional Power Gt1 graphics, 17 colour monitor and is rated at 16.3 SPECint 92 and 26.7 SPECfp 92. There are three other upgradable desktop offerings, the $16,000, 42MHz PowerStation 355; a $19,500, 50MHz PowerStation 365 and a $25,230, 62.5MHz PowerStation 375. All come with from 16Mb to 128Mb RAM, 400Mb to 2Gb disk, Power Gt3i graphics, 19 colour monitor and are rated at 40.5, 48.4 and 59.8 SPECint 92 and 81.6, 97.0 and 118.2 SPECfp 92 respectively. On the commercial track there is a new 50MHz and PowerServer 360 and 62.5MHz PowerServer 370 - they can also be configured as workstations which are priced at from $19,700 and $25,700. The desktop machines, which come with up to 256Mb memory, 400Mb to 2Gb disk, are rated at 48.4 and 59.8 SPECint 92 and 97.0 and 118.2 SPECfp 92 respectively. Deskside 50MHz PowerStation and PowerServer 570 configurations - with 32Mb to 1,024Mb memory and 2Gb to 7.2Gb disk - are 50% faster than the existing 530H models, IBM claims. The 570 is rated at 48.4 SPECint 92 and costs from $45,475. New rack-mounted 50MHz 970B and 62.5MHz 980B servers come with 128Mb memory - double that available on the existing 970 and 980 equivalents. The two systems come with from 4Gb to 37Gb disk the 980B has eight additional expansion slots - and are rated at 47.8 and 59.2 SPECint 92 and 101.0 and 124.8 SPECfp 92 respectively. The 970B starts at $97,825, the 980B is $117,825. The commercial 360, 370, 570, 970B and 980B models can also be configured as technical systems. All the new RS/6000s are out in March, along with a new X-terminal, the Xstation 150 - $5,550 with claimed performance six times that of the existing model 130, and Legato Systems Inc-derived tape back-up system and software.


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