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Intel unveils processors for fanless processors for thinner devices

CBR Staff Writer

14:19, June 4 2014

Core M, code named “Llama Mountain” processors are mainly for fanless, detachable 2 in 1 PCs.

Intel has unveiled its 14nm Intel Core M design, integrated LTE mobile SoC (SoFIA), and the new Devil's Canyon Intel Core i7 processors at the ongoing Computex exhibition in Taiwan.

Core M, codenamed 'Llama Mountain' processors are based on 14nm design are mainly for fanless, detachable 2 in 1 PCs which are planned to hit the market later this year.

The design is based on the company's next-generation 14nm Broadwell processors, which will not only consume less than 10watts of power, but help boost processing in tablets as well as help make laptops thinner.

The company has also unveiled 4th generation Intel Core i7 and i5 processor "K" SKU for enthusiasts which runs 4 GHz frequency on four cores simultaneously.

Codenamed 'Devils Canyon' has overclocking feature and claimed to have achieved 5.5 GHz frequency during trial, processing on all four cores, using air/liquid cooling.

Celebrating its 20 years of Intel Pentium processors, the company has released an Anniversary Edition processor, which will be available from this month.

Intel is also eying to boost its LTE business and readying to LTE-Advanced platform called Intel XMM 7260, which will be available from the second quarter.

Intel president Renée James said Moore's Law is the foundation, while also reducing costs for increasingly smaller form factors with the performance and lower power people have come to expect.

"The lines between technology categories are blurring as the era of integrated computing takes hold where form factor matters less than the experience delivered when all devices are connected to each other and to the cloud."

Intel has already partnered with Chinese chip manufacturer Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics, known as Rockchip, to manufacture chips for entry level Adroid tablets.

As part of the deal both the companies will be selling the Intel branded chips, which will be targeting low end tablets as Intel is striving hard to sell more chips for smartphones and tablets.

As part of the plan the company showcased a reference design based on the dual-core Intel SoFIA 3G solution.

The company will ship a quad-core SoFIA 3G derivative for entry-level tablets by the first half of next year while plan to release a quad-core SoFIA LTE chip in first half of 2015.


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