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07:47, May 1 2013

To be introduced in US and Germany coming weeks, with antitipated global launch this summer

Microsoft is trialling integrating Skype with the webmail service in the UK, bringing voice and video calling features to inboxes.

The new service will allow users to make audio and video calls in addition to sending Skype instant messages by installing a browser plug-in. The preview version of the service would allow selecting the right medium for messages via e-mails, calls, video calls or instant messages.

In addition, Microsoft's messenger service will also be offered to users capable of calling messenger users from

Skype said in a statement even with the best email service, sometimes text isn't enough.

"We all face those situations where it's just easier to jump on a call to talk something through," the company said. "Sometimes that quick call can accomplish more than a long email reply. That's why we are bringing Skype audio and video calling to your inbox."

Microsoft shut its web mail chat tool to strike an $8.5bn dollar deal with Skype in 2011, the biggest ever acquisition by the firm.

The service will also be introduced in US and Germany during the following weeks, with anticipated global launch by summer 2013.

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