5 amazing iWatch concept designs

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13:08, May 6 2014


Apple's iWatch is due late 2014, but what will it look like?

2014 is certainly shaping up to be the year that wearable technology finally comes to the mainstream. With Google's recent announcement of its smartwatch operating system, Android Wear, taking the wearable tech world by the throat, and Samsung's Gear watches livening up consumers' fitness routines, the time is now perfect for Apple to swan in and heat up the competition with its own smartwatch - the iWatch. Only rumours are circulating at the moment and with no actual announcement, we're not yet sure what the iWatch will look like. But thanks to some dedicated designers and excited Apple fans, here are five of the most stunning iWatch concept designs.

Tomas Moyano


No buttons? Interchangeable strap?


The first concept comes courtesy of Tomas Moyano. It shows a smooth, round face, and the watch has no buttons or holes - so it could be IP67 water and dustproof. Moyano also points out the lack of a speaker, with notifcations alerting the wearer through vibrations that will be in contact with the user's wrist.

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