5 simple steps to develop a security policy that really works

Data Duncan MacRae

10:27, April 23 2014


CBR has teamed up with Nick Banks, VP EMEA and APAC, Imation Mobile Security, to help you sort out your security once and for all.

The only constant in security is change. New developments, disruptive technologies and the ongoing evolving sophisticated nature of cyber attacks means that every day new vulnerabilities emerge.

As employees take more and more data outside of the enterprise via ever more devices, these risks are only set to escalate. This makes having a robust and comprehensive security policy in place absolutely key. But how do you ensure that employees pay attention to the salient points and what should those be? Here are Nick Banks' top five top tips for developing a well rounded security policy:

1. First of all, you need to ensure that you understand your business' operating environment so that the policy effectively mitigates the threats and risks you face, as well as looking after the assets that you're seeking to protect. Could lives be lost or just corporate data? Are you subject to the risk of corporate espionage and insider threats on top of cyber attacks? This might seem like an obvious point, but is often overlooked by companies. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to formulating a security policy - it should be as unique as your business.

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