Asian travellers cannot part with their smartphones during vacation

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09:52, August 12 2014

83% of Brits claimed they leave their phones at home in an effort to forget about work.

Asians travellers are the most reluctant to leave their mobile phones at home while holidaying.

Leading the Asian nations is Thailand where more than 85% of the respondents surveyed by said that they are unwilling to part with their mobile phones during a vacation.

Thailand was followed by Korea at 78% and Japan at 69%. British travellers came 15th with 36% saying they would carry their mobile phones with them on a vacation. The survey covered 2,495 people from 28 countries.

Around 46% of the British respondents admitted to checking work related emails while 36% admitted to accessing social media sites.

Also, the phone formed one of the top five travel items for the British travellers.'s Alison Couper said: "Going away on holiday should be a time to take stock and unwind, whether you're lying on a beach in the Seychelles or snowboarding down a mountain in Canada.

"While smartphones have their plus points while on leave from work, using them to check the weather or view maps, it seems travellers would benefit from switching off their e-mails to disconnect, restoring a little more of the all important work/life balance."

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