Blackphone and BlackBerry in spat over smartphone security

Devices Byomakesh Biswal

08:43, July 18 2014

Blackphone calls BlackBerry a 'failed and dying platform'.

Days after BlackBerry took potshots at rival Spanish phone maker, SGP Technologies, over the security of Blackphone, SPG Technology has hit back.

In a blogpost, BlackBerry's content strategy marketing manager, Joe McGarvey had said that Blackphone is a 'purportedly secure smartphone as well as 'consumer-grade' and 'inadequate' for businesses.

He added: "As a pioneer in mobile security, accumulating thousands of patents and dozens of certifications over the past 15 years, BlackBerry welcomes the attention the Blackphone brings to secure communications and digital privacy.

"But when it comes to protecting corporate information and end user privacy, meeting compliance requirements and expanding the productivity of your mobile workforce, the similarities we share with Blackphone end with the name.

"The product's target market sweet spot appears to be individuals -- not necessarily affiliated with an enterprise -- requiring eavesdrop-proof communications.

"The Blackphone appears to be designed to operate outside the realm of IT oversight."

Following the criticism, SGP Technologies CEO Toby Weir-Jones hit back saying that, BlackBerry, previously known as RIM, "compromised its integrity" in 2010 when coming under pressure from the governments of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and India. Weird-Jones claimed that RIM had made it technically possible for encrypted messages on its services to be decrypted and viewed.

"Nowadays, the only thing sustaining them is the inertia of their remaining enterprise and government customers, but that too will eventually come to rest while we and others continue to win over those accounts," Weir-Jones commented.

"That, along with the restrictive platform architecture, lack of widespread adoption by third parties, and shifting priorities among large enterprise customers, all closed the book on RIM, and the precipitous decline in its fortunes - well-documented by the press - began."

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