Folders for Windows Phone 8.1 as Microsoft vies for market share

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10:22, June 30 2014


Was Metro a mistake? Microsoft goes after favourite features of Android.

Microsoft is set to implement folders for apps on the Start Screen for Windows Phone 8.1, according to a now-removed support article on Microsoft's Windows Phone website.

Best known for its Metro style icon homescreen, Microsoft could be looking to recreate the success of iOS and Android with the option to place apps into different folders on the home screen. It could work just like iOS and Android too, dragging apps over each other to make a new folder, which can then be named something like 'Social' or 'Photography' depending on what apps are placed there.

The page, which is now only available via a Google cache, said: "Folders help you keep your Start screen organized by letting you group Tiles the way you like. For example, you might have a folder with all your games or one with your favorite apps. It's completely up to you. Your phone might even already have a folder on the Start screen, such as a Music+videos folder. After you create a folder, you can name it, move it, resize it, and add or remove Tiles from it whenever you want."

The page said: "Note, to create folders on your Start screen, you need to have Windows Phone 8.1 Update installed on your phone," which alludes to the fact the folders feature will more than likely be coming in the next Windows Phone 8.1 update.

The global market share of Windows Phone is around 4%, and Windows Phone 8.1 is set to hit UK shores this summer as Microsoft attempts to play catch up with Apple and Android.

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