Google shows off Moto 360 and G Watch on Android Developers Blog

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10:10, June 4 2014


Contextual 'walking tour' app made by two developers.

The LG G Watch and Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatches have been demonstrated by two Android developers who used the Android Developers Blog to show off the watches in action.

Timothy Jordan and Roman Nurik created mock-up walking scenarios for the two watches, showing how users would find directions for walking tours in real-life using Android Wear.

The duo explained how the watches would use contextual information to make the function more battery friendly.

Nurik said: We started fleshing out the idea by thinking through the app's entry points: how will users "launch" this app? While exposing a "start XYZ walking tours app" voice command is pretty standard, it'd be interesting to also suggest nearby walking tours as you go about your day by presenting notifications in the user's context stream."


LG's G Watch 'in action'.

He continued: "These notifications would be "low priority," so you'd only see them after addressing the more important stuff like text messages from friends. And with today's geofencing and location functionality in Google Play services, this type of contextual awareness is possible in a battery-friendly way.

"We pretty quickly fleshed out the rest of the app for square devices. They included just a handful of additional screens: a dynamic notification showing the distance to your next stop, and a 4-page detail screen when you arrive at the tour stop, where you can spend a few moments reading about where you're standing."

The mock-ups show how wearables can synchronise with the the wearer's surroundings to provide relevant and contextual functions without the user having to do the work.


The Moto 360 using a preview mirror to see how the design on the desktop looks on the watch.

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