Intel targets women with its luxury fashion smart bracelet

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10:01, September 4 2014


Announces new wearable collaboration, will ‘enhance a woman's work and social life’.

Intel has announced a new smart bracelet designed in conjunction with fashion brand Opening Ceremony called MICA - 'My Intelligent Communication Accessory'.

Intel is dubbing the bracelet a feminine fashion accessory with 'communication abilities'.

The device claims to stay connected with SMS messages, meeting alerts, and general notifications delivered straight to the watch. Additional features and functionalities will be revealed at a later date.

The standout feature of these bracelets that Intel and Opening Ceremony are peddling though is the fashion angle.

"MICA's groundbreaking design combines semi-precious gems and water snakeskin with advanced technology including communications capabilities and wireless charging support.MICA will be available in two styles constructed of premium finishes with a curved sapphire glass touchscreen display," said the Intel press release.

"One style will feature black watersnake skin, pearls from China, and lapis stones from Madagascar, while the other style will feature white watersnake skin, tiger's eye from South Africa, and obsidian from Russia."

Opening Ceremony and Intel commissioned photographer Collier Schorr to capture models Kirsten Owen and Ajak Deng with MICA together with looks from Opening Ceremony's Fall/Winter 2014 collection in these first images of the bracelet.


Source: Intel / Opening Ceremony

Intel said: "As a feminine accessory blending seamlessly into everyday life, MICA ushers in a new era converging fashion and technology by integrating a woman's luxury accessory with technology in order to complement and enhance a woman's work and social life."



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