Is Google planning a laptop and smartphone combo?

Apps Ben Sullivan

10:21, May 20 2014


Android and Chrome OS could come together in phone/tablet connectivity.

A new patent that has been found by Patent Bolt shows how Google is planning a phone that can be inserted into a laptop for voice and data services.

Called 'Notebook computer and cell phone assembly', the patent was originally filed in late 2012 but does not show what platforms or devices would be supported.

If fully realised, the phone laptop merger could implement both Android and Chrome OS, Google's own operating system for Chromebooks.

The concept of the patent is that the laptop can use the phone's wireless connection for internet access, and also use the handset as a speaker and a microphone for VOIP calls. Going the other other way, the phone can use the battery of the laptop to keep charged. The laptop and phone combo would presumably be able to let users answer calls in laptop mode.



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