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Is your iPhone secure? Here's a 'wake up call'

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13:47, August 8 2014


Researchers: 'iOS has holes in it too’.

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have demonstrated vulnerabilities in Apple's iOS devices, warning users that even 'iOS has holes in it too', despite its inherent security.

Recently, Apple launched its update 7.1, which included patches for a jailbreak attack dubbed evasi0n7 that worked.

With nine distinct vulnerabilities going into evasi0n7, Apple was able to patch only five of them, research scientist Billy Lau noted during the demonstration at Black Hat 2014.

The researcher orchestrated an attack that can jailbreak an iOS device as soon as it is connected to a Mac.

Another researcher, Yeongjin Jang, was quoted by Securitywatch as saying: "If Apple had patched all nine vulnerabilities, would this group still have succeeded? Based on what I saw, I wouldn't be surprised.

"The one thing Apple can't change is the pattern of attacks that evasi0n7 used.

"These researchers managed to replace five components of that pattern; quite possibly with some work they could have managed four more."

Another research noted that some hidden features in iOS have created a backdoor that allows hackers to bypass security and expose customer data.


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