Microsoft ‘gives’ free phones to Chinese employees who resign

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14:00, August 7 2014


The Nokia Lumia 630 costs around $130 in China.

Microsoft is offering free Nokia Lumia 630 smartphones to its employees in the Nokia handset factory R&D centre in Beijing who agrees to accept the company's voluntary resignation package.

The software giant is planning to cut 18,000 jobs across the company, and it might have started the process from the Nokia handset factory and R&D centre in China, where it plans to cut 4,700 jobs.

Microsoft retained most of the employees from Nokia's hardware division when it bought the company, but the division was not profitable, and the job cuts are being done to reduce the expenses.

After the reports of the job cuts surfaced, mass protests were held by the employees of Microsoft in China.

Now the company is trying to lure the employees by giving them bait, for opting for the voluntary resignation with the smartphone.

According to Market Watch, Microsoft is giving more than 300 handsets away a day on first come first serve basis.

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