Microsoft's Android Lumia would 'confuse consumers'

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09:45, July 7 2014


Report: Android OS based Lumia device from Microsoft is coming.

Microsoft may soon be releasing an Android-powered Lumia device, according to leaker @evleaks.

In a tweet, it said: "Big news: Android-powered Lumia incoming, from Nokia by Microsoft."

Nokia's Lumia devices traditionally run on Windows Phone. A new device, the Nokia X, was launched running Android in February.

The devices built on upon the Android Open Source Project "without Google's services, which are instead substituted by Microsoft and Nokia services," said Microsoft devices VP Stephen Elop.

"The Nokia X family introduce s the next billion people to Microsoft. Nokia X is our gateway to Microsoft."

"We will win our customers' hearts and minds."

Microsoft bought up Nokia and its Lumia brand name earlier this year.

If the information about a new Android-powered Lumia phone is correct, it reveals that Microsoft is set to let some of its most popular device brands to run on a rival operating system.

Microsoft services such as OneDrive, OneNote, Bing and Outlook exclusively run on the Nokia X, so Microsoft may be lining up these new Lumia devices to push the services to even more users.

But Gartner analyst Annette Zimmermann said that Microsoft would confuse consumers if it released an Android Lumia.

"Nokia X products are selling really well in India, Pakistan and Russia. Microsoft can't afford to take it away from the market.

"What would Microsoft gain from calling a phone Lumia that is based on Android? The apps are getting better and better and there isn't that many apps left that are not on Windows Phone.

"It would confuse consumers quite a bit. They've finally understood what Lumia is, and consumers wouldn't understand what this change is about."

Last week, it was revealed that Microsoft is set to implement folders for apps on the Start Screen for Windows Phone 8.1. The global market share of Windows Phone is around 4%, and Windows Phone 8.1 is set to hit UK shores this summer as Microsoft attempts to play catch up with Apple and Android.

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