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Smart phone and tablets credited with $67bn in savings

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12:54, May 15 2014

Can small businesses save billions of hours and cash?

Adoption of mobile technology and mobile apps can save small businesses about $67.5bn a year.

Small businesses across the US were asked about mobile adoption and the research concluded that they save two billion hours by adopting smartphones and tablets for day-to-day business while mobile apps save them about 600 million hours.

The average number of days small businesses are using smartphones for doing business is more than the average number of days they open for business, with half saying that they use smartphones for seven days week while they open for 5.7 days per week.

Business owners can save most by adopting smartphones, which can save them 1.24 billion hours per year and $32.3bn, while adoption of tablet devices can save 754.2 million hours and $19.6bn. Mobile apps can save them 599.5 million hours and $15.6bn.

94% of the small US businesses are now using smartphones for business, up from 85% last year.

More than half of those surveyed said that they are using mobile applications for business purpose while about 91% said that the applications help in saving time while two third of them said they help in saving money.

Use of mobile apps help the small businesses save up to $500 a month - or $6,000 per year.

Cathy Martine, AT&T Enterprise Business Solutions president said: "We're seeing more and more small business owners and employees turning to mobile technologies to not only keep them connected but to put them ahead of the curve, as well as their competition."

The survey of 1,042 small businesses, with between one and twenty staff, was conducted by AT&T and Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council across 48 US states in March this year.


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