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Motorola introduces tattoos to unlock Moto X

Software CBR Staff Writer

13:59, July 24 2014

Motorola unveiled the concept of the digital tattoo at the 2013 All Things D conference.

Motorola has introduced a digital tattoo technology for Moto X, which allows users to unlock phones without typing in the password.

The nickel sized tattoo is made from thin, flexible materials that are waterproof, and can last up to five days.

The tattoo, based on NFC technology, has been developed by Google's Advanced Technology along with VivanLink.

Motorola said in its blog that users, on average, unlock their phones 39 times a day, and each time it takes 2.3 seconds to unlock. With this new technology, the process of unlocking phones will become simpler, safer and faster, according to Motorola.

A pack of 10 tattoos is available for $9.99 at VivanLink's website. It sticks to the skin and can be peeled off any time.

Previously, companies like Apple and Samsung introduced the fingerprint sensor to unlock the devices but Motorola went one step further to introduce a tattoo that provides the same functionality.

Motorola has not yet revealed whether the technology use will be expanded to other devices.


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