New LCD could brighten up smartphone screen

Devices CBR Staff Writer

14:03, August 11 2014

The new technology was unveiled at the 2014 Emerging Display Technologies conference.

San Francisco-based Light Polymers has created a new kind of liquid crystal display (LCD) that could make screens in smartphones brighter and long lasting.

The new LCDs will have pixels, which can switch more quickly from one state to another, to block the path of specific colours of light making smartphones brighter and long-lasting.

In a normal LCD, the pixels switch in milliseconds, but with the new technology the pixels will switch in less than 60 microseconds.

It will use three backlights, one red, one blue and one green, which will illuminate all the pixels rapidly - too fast for the eyes to perceive.

The design known as sequential display is similar to the ones used earlier for television, and it could bridge the energy efficiency gap between LCDs and OLEDs which are more advanced and expensive than LCD.

The materials made by Light Polymers are being evaluated to make it easy for producers to switch from traditional LCD to the next generation sequential display.

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