Nexus 6 could be dropped in favour of Android Silver

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10:26, May 19 2014


New Android scheme will arrive in February 2015.

Google may axe the Nexus line of mobile and tablet devices, cancelling the Nexus 6 in favour of 'Android Silver'.

Despite rumours last week of new Nexus devices emerging, with new devices spotted in Android 4.4.3 KitKat changelists, prominent Google rumour leaker @evleaks said on Twitter that the search giant is instead working on an internal project called Android Silver.

"There is no Nexus 6. Farewell, Nexus," read the tweet from Evleaks on May 16.

The tweet was then followed by another alluding to Android Silver.

"Don't worry, there's a silver lining to this cloud."

New devices codenamed Molly and Flounder appeared in Android logs last week. They were thought to be the Nexus 6 and Nexus 8 devices, and the leaks indicated that they could be released very soon. Some reportes have suggested even a June release date to coincide with the Google I/O developer's conference.


But Evleaks said that Android Silver can be expected in February 2015, with no Nexus 6 due out this year.

Instead, mobile phones which meet the 'Silver' standard, such as running the latest version of Android, would be selected for the Android Silver programme.

The manufacturers of the phones would then be paid to sell these devices adhering to Google's specifications. LG and HTC are said to be first in the running for the Android Silver programme, with Sony, Samsung and Motorola also being considered.

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