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Bringing 3D projectors to smartphones

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14:10, June 3 2014

A projector powered by a chip to control the colour, brightness and angle of each beam of light.

Ostendo Technologies has developed a miniature image projector which can project videos and glass-free 3D images onto a wall or other surfaces, with potential for its use in mobile devices.

The projector is powered by a computer chip which can control the colour, brightness and angle of each beam of light across one million pixels.

Tic Tac size device has been developed by the start up company after nine years of research that can produce holographic images in thin air.

The chipset which powers the device can be used inside a smartphone to project video on a 48 inch diagonal surface.

Ostendo claims with chips interlaced together can produce more complex images and images of larger dimension.

The first chip with just 2D video projection capability is scheduled to be shipped next year while the company plans to start building higher version of chip with 3D capability from 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The start up was founded by Hussein S. El-Ghoroury, an immigrant from Egypt, who has developed Ostendo Quantum Photonic Imager, which integrates an image processor with a wafer containing micro light-emitting diodes, while the software in its helps in rendering the images.

Ostendo Technologies currently working to further improve its technology so that the device can project higher resolution images by making pixels smaller.

In future, El-Ghoroury foresees that the chips will be used in glasses-free 3-D television screen, a smartwatch, or tables.


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