Samsung delays Tizen smartphone launch

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14:13, July 28 2014


No new release date yet confirmed for Galaxy Z.

Samsung has announced it is delaying the launch of the highly-anticipated first device running on the Tizen operating system.

The Samsung Galaxy Z (pictured below) was set to go on sale in Russia later this year, but the South Korean manufacturer has now decided to postpone the release as it looks to improve its chances of success.

In a brief statement, Samsung claimed that a need to "further enhance (the) Tizen ecosystem," was behind the delay - thought to be a reference to an apparent shortage of apps for the nascent platform.

The company didn't offer specifics on any future plans but did say it would "continue to actively work with Tizen Association members" to further develop both the Tizen OS and the Tizen ecosystem.

tizen z

Samsung originally began working with Tizen in an attempt to shape the user experience customers have with its devices, which currently run Google's Android software. The company had attempted to tweak the way Android has looked and operated on several of its devices in the past, including attempts to develop a Tizen app store separate to Google Play.

Last week, the company announced that American owners of the first generation Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will soon be able to switch the device's operating system from Android to Tizen.

The second generation Galaxy Gear, released earlier this year, automatically runs on Tizen, a move which was seen by many industry observers as a precursor to Samsung's phones eventually running the latter OS, a well as marking a direct challenge against Google Android Wear OS, specially designed for wearable devices.


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