Target launches image recognition shopping app

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14:03, July 24 2014

The new app will be compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

US-based retail company Target has introduced an iOS app, 'In a Snap', that lets users purchase Target items directly after scanning magazine and print ads.

The app makes use of the camera on the iOS device, and scans the image displayed in the ad. The app makes a "snap" sound when it completes the recognition process and then the item displayed in the image is added to the shopping cart.

In its blog, Target said: "The new image recognition app lets you easily shop Target items directly off the pages of magazines and printed ads - without having to scan confusing codes, look up links or search for product online or in store."

The concept of the app was developed by Target's marketing team along with the company's Rapid Accelerated Development team.

The app currently only recognises images of Target Room Essential brands across 10 home decor magazines, including Architectural Digest, Real Simple and Domino.

However, the US-based retailer plans to expand the functionality of the app to other retail sectors as well.

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