The 5 weirdest hybrid phones ever made

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16:23, May 13 2014


Proof that innovation does not always equal beauty.

The mobile market is an extremely crowded one, with a wide selection of devices and manufacturers all fighting to get noticed. Often the best way to stand out is to offer something truly unique, such as eye-catching extra features or options. However sometimes this can go a bit over the top, as shown here with some of the oddest devices ever devised...

Samsung K Zoom

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Putting cameras into smartphones has completely revolutionised the mobile market, with a device's photo taking capabilities now a major USP for many consumers. However Samsung decided to take this idea and move it forwards just a tad too much, grafting a full-sized camera onto the back of a Galaxy smartphone to create the slightly bulge-y Zoom. The most recent, the Galaxy K Zoom, released last month, features a 20.2MP camera with 10x zoom capabilities, more than many of us would ever need, but will certainly make you stand out in a crowd.

Nokia 7380

Nokia 7380

Nokia has a bit of a track record when it comes to designing odd-looking devices, and the 7380 may be one of the oddest. Released in 2005 as part of the "L'Amour Collection", the 7380, which resembled a tube of lipstick, was one of several attempts by Nokia to target the fashion sector, featuring a leather back, metal body, and a highly reflective screen which could double as a mirror. The 7380 did have one especially noteworthy feature - its 'sensory navigation key', similar to an iPod touchwheel, substituted for a conventional keypad, allowing users to call, text, or surf the web.

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