Top 5 features of the Moto 360

Apps Ben Sullivan

14:22, May 15 2014


Motorola's upcoming smartwatch looks set to rock the wearable tech world.

Powered by Android Wear, Google's new Android smartwatch-dedicated operating system, Motorola's Moto 360, will go head to head with LG's G Watch for the initial Android Wear smartwatch battle.

Here are five features of the Moto 360 that really make sure it's going to stand out among its smartwatch competitors.

Always-on screen

The Moto 360 will have an organic LED (OLED) screen. This means the watch face will always be on but not at the expense of massive battery usage. The screen will also be made of sapphire glass, which is stronger and more scratch-proof than Gorilla glass. Apple recently invested heavily into Sapphire glass, and it is expected to feature on the iPhone 6.



The Moto 360 can be left or right-handed. That is, the user interface can switch up accordingly with whichever orientation you are most comfortable with.


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