Top 5 sex and dating apps

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08:11, October 17 2013


The best apps currently doing the rounds to help you find true love, or something else...

There's pretty much an app for everything these days. EVERYTHING.

Dating and sex apps, in particular, have been all the rage recently on Android and iOS smartphones.. With Tinder spreading across London like wildfire and the Pure sex app attracting critics, we take a look at some of the most popular sex and dating apps available for your mobile.

1. Say Something

Say Something, currently heading for Indiegogo success, is an app that 'wants to inject fun into online dating' by letting users practice their small talk on other users before they actually go on real dates. Apparently, it's because it doesn't matter if you mess up on the app because it's not the real deal, and if you're faced with a barrage of embarrassing replies like LOL or EWW then I guess it's helpful as you'll avoid the lines that enticed them when it comes to the actual date.

So what is this? An actual dating app? A game? London-based founder and CEO Marian Gazdik says: "Our objective is to help people improve using our app and THEN go and meet people, using Match, eHarmony, Zoosk or whatever," he stresses.


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