Top 7 LG G3 accessories

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13:31, July 23 2014


A selection of the must-have gadgets for your new G3.

We're big fans of the new LG G3 - as our recent review attests, it could well be one of the best Android devices ever made. Featuring a supremely impressive 5.5inch HD screen, speedy 2.4GHz processor and a laser-guided 13 megapixel camera, the G3 is set to become a must-have over the new few months.

But what if you want to glam up your new device even further? From cases to wireless charging, here are some of the best G3 accessories around right now...


Spigen slim case

Spigen Slim Armor case

Available in seven colours, the Slim Armor case is specifically designed to protect the device at all angles, featuring improved shock absorption on the top, bottom, and corners to effectively protect the phone from external impact.

The case is double layered with a TPU case and a polycarbonate hard case to provide additional protection in a form-fitted design, fitting precisely onto the LG G3 for a natural and sleek look, with a special opening on the rear specifically designed to fully utilise the speaker without reducing sound quality. The polycarbonate midsection has a glossy UV coating to prevent the colors from fading or rubbing off.

£17.99 -



The G3 is quite a sizeable device, with that massive screen pushing it close to the realms of phablet-ness. Smaller hands may find it difficult to operate and access certain options when using the device, which is wear a stylus may come in handy. You can pick up basic versions for as little at 99p on eBay, but we prefer Olixar's stylish HexStyli 6-in-1 device, which also packs a ballpoint pen, ruler, spirit level and screwdriver.

£9.99 -


LG WCD-100 Official Wireless Desktop Charger Dock

The G3 is one of a growing number of new devices to feature wireless charging, as manufacturers look to do away with the days of worrying over battery life. Packing a 3,000mAh battery, the G3 does require some serious juice, though, and this charging deck, the official offering from LG, does away with wires entirely to offer you a quick and convenient way to charge your device. Looking an old-style phone chair, you simply place your phone on the small shelf and it will begin charging, meaning you can continue to use the phone as it powers up.

£49.95 -

glass cover

Spigen GLAS.tR NANO SLIM Screen Protector

With such an impressive screen to show off, you'll want to make sure it stays protected, and luckily case maker Spigen can also offer a high-quality glass protector. The GLAS.tR NANO SLIM has been specially made with scratch resistant material and rounded edges for a more precise fit.

At just 0.23mm thick, the GLAS.tR NANO SLIM has an special oleophobic (the fear of oil, apparently) coating that prevents greasy fingerprints and other contaminants spoiling the screen and also makes it easy to clean. It's pretty resilient too, coming with a surface hardness of 8~9H, which is three times stronger than regular PET film, meaning that not even sharp objects such as knives and keys will scratch it. And if the worst should happen and the protector breaks, it will crack into non-sharp small pieces that are held within the film thanks to an anti-shatter feature.

£24.99 -


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