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Red Hat revs Enterprise Linux

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10:39, January 8 2013

Launches RHEL 5.9.

Open source behemoth Red Hat announced the next dot release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9.

The firm said the release marks the beginning of Production Phase 2 of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and demonstrates the company's continuing effort to promote stability and the preservation of customers' investments in the platform.

It added that it maintains its commitment to a 10-year lifecycle through the introduction of several new features, including hardware enablement, security, standards and certifications, developer tools, virtualisation and more.

5.9 retains backwards compatibility with hardware and software platforms across the lifecycle of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. Therefore, the hardware and software compatibility included within previous releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 continues with this minor release.

The latest version has enhanced developer tools including the ability to develop and test with the latest version of open source Java available through OpenJDK 7. New SystemTap improvements have been added to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9, including compile-server and client support for IPv6 networks, smaller SystemTap files, faster compiles, and compile server support for multiple concurrent connections.

"Our goal with each version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is always to provide a highly flexible and extendable platform that continues to grow with the evolving needs of our customers, while allowing them to migrate to the next major release in their own timeframe," said Jim Totton, vice president and general manager, Red Hat's Platform Business Unit. "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 is the perfect example of our commitment to providing customers with an extensive product lifecycle, one that strives to provide continued, unwavering support for today's technologies and business needs."



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