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Samsung phones to feature Nuance T9 and XT9 text inputs

CBR Staff Writer

18:30, December 13 2009

Claims to enable users send messages and emails in half the time

Nuance Communications said that Samsung has extended its relationship to ship T9 and XT9 predictive text input products across its portfolio of mobile phones.

The T9 and XT9 are text technologies that helps consumers to send text messages and emails, and quickly type URLs through any keypad format, including standard and touchscreen 12-key and QWERTY keypads, Nuance said.

As a result of the renewed partnership, Samsung will provide predictive text capabilities to consumers in all of its markets, as T9 and XT9 support more than 80 languages. It will be able to feature Nuance’s predictive text capabilities on any of its mobile handsets, including those based on Samsung’s own operating systems and others such as Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

Hyoungmoon No, vice president of R&D planning team at Samsung Electronics, said: “Our global consumers demand innovation in messaging, so anything we can do to make it faster and easier for them is a key dimension of our phone design strategy. This expanded relationship with Nuance ultimately enables our broad consumer base to send messages and emails in half the time, quickly enter URLs, and more, on any phone we bring to market.”

The company claims that with the T9 and XT9, mobile users can take advantage of their phone’s messaging capabilities, and write text messages and emails quickly and easily. Users can switch between input modes and alternate between numbers, letters, symbols and languages.

Nuance said that the XT9 features word correction and automatic word completion, which help reduce common misspellings due to small key sizes on traditional and touchscreen QWERTY keyboards. XT9 also enables users to enter URLs on phones that feature an HTML web browser.

Michael Thompson, senior vice president and general manager of Nuance Mobile, said: “We understand the messaging demands that leading global handset manufacturers like Samsung face, so we’re continuously innovating our predictive text input solutions to support any device brought to market, in more than 80 languages worldwide.”


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