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Say hello to Vodafone’s wind-powered smartphones

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10:12, June 13 2014


Operator outlines its commitment to renewable technology with new wind farm.

Vodafone has established a wind farm as it looks to extend its commitment to increasing the amount of renewable technology it consumes.

The company laid out how using power sources such as wind and solar will help it cut costs related to its power supply.

The operator announced a partnership with energy provider EnergieKontor, which is developing plans to build a small onshore wind farm near Daventry in Northamptonshire. Due to open next summer, Vodafone has committed to buying all of the energy the facility produces for 15 years, and believes that the farm will produce enough energy to supply power to 5% of its UK network.

"Using sustainable power sources makes a huge amount of sense to us, and there's a clear customer benefit too," company spokesman Neil Andrews explained. "As well as improving our environmental performance we can reduce our reliance on natural resources, which means we're less beholden to the rising costs of more conventional fuels.

Formed in Germany, EnergieKontor has built 84 wind farms across five European countries, with the company's 495 wind turbines producing around 610MW.

Vodafone is no stranger to green technology, instigating several eco-friendly aspects at its headquarters in Newbury, Wiltshire. This includes real-time tracking of all energy use and emissions, smart heating which monitors where activity is centred and adjust the building's heating as required, and improved water consumption.

Last November, Microsoft signed a deal to have its San Antonio data centre supplied with power from the 110MW Keechi Wind Farm Project in northern Texas.

Other firms with newables in the power mix for data centres include Apple, Facebook, Google, Rackspace, Salesforce and Box.

Source: Company Press Release


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