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10 ways to spend Bitcoins online and in the UK

Management Michael Moore

14:23, June 9 2014


A rundown of some of the best places to splash your virtual cash.

Bitcoin has enjoyed a rapid rise in prestige over the last few years, with more and more businesses accepting the currency every week. But where in the UK can you actually spend your hard-earned digital moolah? Here are some suggestions...

Get some games on the go

Last month, the Glasgow branch of second-hand games retailer CeX announced it would be accepting Bitcoin payments as part of a trial. With one eye on the possible financial effects of Scottish independence, the store also installed Scotland's first Bitcoin ATM for customers to get their hands on the currency.

Head down to the pub

Since the Pembury Tavern in Hackney became the first in the UK to accept Bitcoin in June 2013, several UK pubs have opened their arms to the currency. Individual Pubs Limited, which owns the venue, also accepts Bitcoins in five of its pubs across the country, including sites in Peterborough, Norwich, and Cambridge.

Buy some wheels

If you're in need of some transport and don't fancy topping up your Oyster, you can always use your Bitcoins to pay for a car. Southampton-based Cars for Crypto sells used cars in return for a range of virtual currencies, so you can get your hands on a new vehicle quickly and easily.

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