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5 best iOS apps for meditation this summer

Management Amy-jo Crowley

14:01, June 6 2014


Five must-have apps to use on your iPhone and iPad.

Feeling stressed and finding it difficult to fit everything into the day? Perhaps it's time to join the mindfulness revolution.

CBR looks at five apps for stress relief and greater clarity of thought to help you cope with the hustle and bustle of modern day life.

1. Headspace


The second version of Headspace, unveiled last month, claims to make it even easier for humans to switch off and reduce anxiety.

Co-founder Andy Puddicombe, who lived for 10 years as a monk in the Himalayas, said the app better fits into the modern, busy lifestyle after taking on board suggestions of hundreds of users.

The updated version is divided into areas that people said they needed help with including addiction to eating, anxiety and health.

Users can also choose how long they want to do a session for, which wasn't available in the older version.

Another key feature is the SOS section, which aims to help people who need immediate help from a crisis or a bad day.

Emma Watson is reportedly a fan of the app.

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