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5 real-life travel apps for Google Glass this summer

Management Amy-jo Crowley

11:12, May 28 2014


Five Google Glass apps to simplify your travel experiences.

Google Glass is now available to anyone who has $1,500 to spend, but many of those people remain unaware of what the high-tech specs can really do.

Here are five useful Google Glass apps to simplify travel experiences for everyone, starting with the most recently announced one.

1. Hotel Near Me


Photo source: Prnewswire

The hotel reservation app provides users with access to a list of the nearest hotels, based on their GPS position, by swiping the side of the glasses.

Developed by online travel agency Destinia and Glob3Mobile, users can scroll through the 230,000 hotels on the Destinia website and filter them by price.

Simply by clicking on the hotel, the glasses show a brief description of the hotel and allow users to view photos.

Manuel de la Calle, co-founder of Glob3 Mobile, said: "We are working to perfect the augmented reality, which allows users to find hotels in their immediate vicinity. And in the future, this application will have many more features. For example, users will be able to refine their searches with additional voice commands."

The app is still in the testing phase as it awaits final approval from Google.

2. Word Lens


Photo source: Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH, Shutterstock

From menus to road signs, the app translates printed words instantly into whatever language you speak without the need for a network. Rather, it references a dictionary stored inside Glass.

The app, which is also available for iOS and Android, supports a variety of languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian.

Quest Visual, the makers behind the app, unveiled the app last year and was recently acquired by Google for an undisclosed amount.



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