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Cannabis-selling game tops Apple’s UK App Store charts


14:29, May 20 2014

Apple-approved app offers chance to make dough.

A controversial game called Weed Firm is topping the charts on Apple's App Store in UK, which allows players to assume the role of a drug dealer.

The time simulation/management game has become so popular that Apple has lifted its usual censorship firewall to allow downloads.

Weed Firm recreates the world of cannabis, where players can step into the shoes of an herbal wholesaler to complete a number of tasks with an ultimate goal of accruing huge personal wealth. They can build contacts in the underworld, spruce up production line, and sell ganja.

The app builds several enticements for players to lure buyers such as bribing cops and even a virtual lap dance by a stripper!

Despite the addiction-forming habit it seems to espouse, the game's designers say that it is created solely for entertainment.

Developed by Manitoba Games, a disclaimer pops up online when the game starts: "The creators of this game do not encourage the cultivation or use of cannabis. The plot of this game is solely a work of fiction and should be viewed only as such."

Weed Firm has also attracted a fair share of criticism from players who say that the game doesn't seem to have any interesting 'turns,' customers are 'repetitive,' and no choice of selling other drugs such as cocaine and heroine.

Weed Firm was earlier available on other Android platforms, and was later removed. Google Play also doesn't offer it, but another marijuana simulation game called Weed Farmer.


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