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07:34, September 13 2013

Security for further and higher education institutions

Ellucian has announced that it is offering a bundled, multi-layer defense software package for higher education institutions across the UK and Ireland.

Institutions store a wealth of private and personal data: payment information, financial aid records, grades, and intellectual property, all of which must be safeguarded under current UK legislation.

Ellucian say their Banner Data Defense is a comprehensive approach to data protection that meets the needs required to secure valuable student, faculty and staff information.

"Data security is a serious business problem that institutions are concerned about and need to address. Potentially they face fines of up to £500,000 if breaches occur," said Jonathan Dempsey, chief product officer, Ellucian.

"But configuring and implementing a robust defence solution that encrypts data doesn't have to be complex; Ellucian has the knowledge to implement this multi-layered solution fully and with minimal disruption to users. Once implemented , the data security solutions are transparent to users and won't hinder their day-to-day work activities."

Ellucian's Banner Data Defense uses Banner by Ellucian - its 'comprehensive student information system' - combined with Oracle Advanced Security transparent data encryption software and the recently-announced Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall product, to help ensure data privacy, protect against threats and maintain regulatory compliance.

The package is enhanced byBanner-specific database scripts, documentation and reports, installation and configuration scripts, and best-practice implementation advice from Ellucian's services team. The solution is designed to encrypt application data such as sensitive personal information; to monitor database traffic, to detect and block threats; and to help improve compliance reporting by consolidating audit data from databases, operating systems, directories and other sources.

Read our guest blog from John Butler, VP Europe at Ellucian here.

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