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Five of the best iTunes alternatives

Software Michael Moore

14:19, June 25 2014


A rundown of some of the other music playing tools around.

More and more of us are using our devices, whether desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, to listen to music every day. However, the breadth of the programs we use to do this is very small; with many people choosing to use the iTunes software bundled with their iPod or iPhone. But what if you fancy an alternative to Apple? Here are some of the best alternatives...



One of the most popular alternative music players around today, Ecoute is a Mac program which looks to provide a simpler, stripped-down version of iTunes. After installing, Ecoute automatically detects and syncs with your iTunes library, allowing you to transport over all your files, and can also connect to your Last.fm, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The program also comes with a pop-out widget that stays on your desktop when music is playing, which you can use to easily access play controls, and will also display notifications in the corner of your screen to signal when a new song is starting.



Sonora features a smooth, streamlined layout that allows users to view their music library via album covers with a priority on visual layout. You can browse your files and build a play queue in different areas of the program, with easy editing and moving of songs. Similar to Ecoute, it will also connect to your Last.fm account to let you access more tracks.

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