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Google to create new mechanism to track both app and web users

Management CBR Staff Writer

13:55, August 8 2014


Google will install a code in the ads but users will have an option to opt out.

Google is working on new technology that is aimed at bridging the ad-targeting gap between mobile app users and mobile web visitors.

In most cases a smartphone user, who clicks on mobile app ads, is tracked separately from the same user who browses the web through a smartphone, deeming them to be two separate people.

The search giant is testing a mechanism to bridge the activities to the same person.

The technology will help advertisers to tune the display of the ads in separate apps, so that the same ad will not be shown to them on different apps.

Google is expecting that there will be an increased chance of the ad getting a click, and eventually it will help them analyse whether the user converted into a lead or not.

Mobile ads use traditional cookies that show the user behaviour in mobile apps and mobile browser as one, but apps like Candy crush saga and Facebook use different identifiers. Google is trying to connect the traditional cookie with the new technology used by others.


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