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Here's how to bypass the EU's right to be forgotten

Management Jimmy Nicholls

13:52, July 3 2014


Avoid the European censorship with this handy Firefox, Chrome and IE plugin.

Since the European Court of Justice decided that EU citizens had the right to remove search engine entries to articles deemed "inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant", the British press has been bracing itself for the censorship to start.

Now the ruling has been implemented Google has started to redact offending articles on its website, starting with a blog by BBC economics editor Robert Peston on Stan O'Neal, the former boss of investment bank Merrill Lynch forced out after it "suffered colossal losses on reckless investments it had made".

The implication for anyone interested in finding controversial information is that it will be harder if you are googling from the EU. And so we're going to teach you how to bypass it.

Step One: Download a proxy extension for your web browser

A proxy allows you to bypass regional restrictions on the internet by rerouting your connection through another IP address. This not only allows you to get around European censorship, but blocked videos on YouTube, Vimeo and BBC iPlayer. Not that you'd do that, clearly.

Proxies can be used via dedicated websites, but in the long term it's better to set up a regular proxy through an extension and whitelist the sites you want filtered. There are a few of these available, but for demonstration we will be using FoxyProxy, available for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Go and download it, and join us on the next page.

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