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Top 5 reverse image search engines

Management Ben Sullivan

21:35, May 23 2014


Whether you need to track down the perfect photo or you need to find out who's been using your photo without permission, these five reverse image tools will get the job done.

Reverse image searching is similar to regular web searching, but instead of key words, phrases, or questions, you provide the search engine with an example of an image, and it will search for similar images to the one that you have provided.

Many people are not yet aware that this feature is available, and many different reverse image search engines use different algorithms, but here are five of the best reverse image search engines that we've found.



TinEye is a browser plugin that works on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera. When the plugin is installed, you can right click on any image you see on the web and search for it on TinEye.

A wide range of preferences is available on TinEye such as hiding the TinEye icon in context menu, setting an order of preference or opening searches in the background, foreground, or the current tab.


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