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Walt Disney to use drones for aerial screening in theme parks

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14:39, August 26 2014


Files patent to use drones to ferry marionettes, projection screens, while even as flying pixels.

Walt Disney has filed three patents to use drones to ferry floating pixels, marionettes, aerial projection screens at its theme parks and enhance its nightly entertainment.

The three patents include: Aerial Display System with Floating Pixels; Aerial Display System with Floating Projection Screens; and Aerial Display System with Marionettes Articulated and Supported by Airborne Devices

Disney noted in its patent application: "This is a significant improvement over prior flying characters, which typically were provided in the form of parade or other blimps/balloons filled with hot air or other gases and that had little and/or awkward articulation of any movable parts."

Further, the drone-powered air shows may even replace fireworks and large-scale light shows, which will be executed via a lighting assembly that could display images or colours by using sky as a screen.

As part of the patent filing, Disney also incorporated a list of firms urging the US government to enable using smaller drones for commercial purposes.


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