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Revealed: the world’s biggest telecoms companies

Michael Moore

14:17, June 20 2014


A rundown of the industry’s giants.

Thanks to the ubiquitousness of mobile devices, the telecoms industry has exploded to become one of the most valuable markets in the world. Communicating easily and reliably has become a crucial part of how we work and live, so providing these services is more important than ever before. But who are the biggest players in the space?

10. Orange S.A.

Best known in the UK for being half of EE, French company Orange, formerly France Telecom, has around 230m customers worldwide, with operations in Europe, Asia, North American and South America. Founded in 1988 following a spin-off from the French government's nationalised service, the company is headquartered in Paris and employs 170,000 workers, the majority of whom are in France. It recorded $55.9bn in revenues last year.

9. América Móvil

As a venture of the world's richest man, Carlos Slim (his son Patrick is Chairman), it's no surprise that América Móvil dominates much of the Latin American, Caribbean and South American markets, particularly in Mexico, where its subsidiary Telcel is the largest operator. The company provides services to 246 million mobile subscribers in 18 countries, and last year gained $58.9bn in revenues.

8. Comcast

The much-maligned Comcast may cause headaches for its American customers, but despite this ire, it remains one of the largest operators in the world. Formed in 1963, the owner of NBC is the third largest home telecoms company in the US, to go alongside its profitable cable and ISP business arms. Recording $64.7bn in revenues last year, the company currently employs 136,000 employees.

Source: Company Press Release


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