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Twitter ad revenue predicted to hit half billion mark

Management Tineka Smith

10:14, January 31 2012

A report by eMarketer reveals that Twitter and LinkedIn will be seeing plenty of dollar signs in the years to come as ad revenues are predicted to remain solid but slowly taper in the next three years

According to a report by eMarketer, Twitter is predicted to reach over a quarter of a million in ad revenues by the end of 2012 showing a growth of 83% for the microblogging site when compared to last year's sales of $139.5m.

Twitter's growth in ad revenues is expected to remain steady with the social networking site is expected to grow only 55% in 2013 to make nearly $400m in revenues and then reaching the half a billion mark in 2014, but only growing 36% that year. Twitter's expected ad revenues are expected to come from sources from around the world.


As of now 90% of Twitter's revenues come from the US with only $26m contributing to its ad revenues so far in 2012. It is predicted that by 2012 other global sources will attribute to ad revenue for Twitter with only 83% coming from the U.S.

LinkedIn, even though it has lower revenues and a lower growth rate than Twitter, is expected to have more global sources in the future than Twitter, as it estimated LinkedIn will have 23% more in revenues from global sources than Twitter. US sources are estimated to account for 60% of LinkedIn's ad revenues with the rest flowing in from worldwide sources.


The career networking site is also predicted to continue to lag behind Twitter in terms of growth and revenue with an estimated $405.6m in revenue for 2014. The site is predicted to grow by 46% this year bringing its revenue up to $226m.

LinkedIn's growth pattern is predicted to be similar to Twitter's as the growth rate will taper off. LinkedIn is estimated to grow only 37.5% in 2013 and 30.5% in 2014.


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