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6 fun alternatives to YouTube

IT Network Joe Curtis

16:12, June 30 2014


Sick of the adverts stopping you watching cat videos? You’re not alone.

When it comes to reputation, YouTube is the Google of online videos, and it's hard to forget it. But the platform, also owned by the search engine giant, isn't not for everybody, while its insistence on adverts and sometimes clumsy video suggestions can get annoying.

Never fear though - we've compiled a list of alternative sites you can use to upload, watch and share new content with.


This website has fostered its own community with access to free accounts and a beautiful, easy to use interface.

Anyone can sign up to upload up to 500MB of video every week with a free account, but Vimeo is probably aimed more at the serious video content creator.

Upgrading to Vimeo Plus lets you play with 5GB per week for £7.95 a month, while an annual account will set you back £49.95. It also gives you a host of other benefits, such as HD embedded and limitless HD uploading (to your weekly 5GB capacity).


This site is more for viewers than creators, collecting clips of varying lengths that come predominantly from professional sources (such as films) rather than amateur uploaders.

However, users can get up to 2GB and 60 minutes per video with an account, plus HD, and content creators can add contacts to give each other feedback.


Visit Blip for a curated collection of various web shows, interviews and short docs covering everything from fashion and film to music and comedy. This is one for people who love webisodes and web series, with an emphasis on serial content over one-offs.

Anyone hoping to kickstart their own web series could do worse than take advantage of the 1GB of storage per video on offer here, with upgrades available on a pro account.

If you're interested in earning money from ad revenue and checking out how popular it is via analytics, another option is to use an advertising account.


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