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Braintree unveils UK launch of PayPal-enabled SDK

Software Michael Moore

10:05, August 27 2014


v.zero kit allows quick and simple integration of one-touch mobile payments.

Ecommerce payments provider Braintree has stated its aim to simplify the world of mobile payments with the UK launch of its v.zero software development kit (SDK).

The new tool means that it will be easier than ever before for UK companies to integrate mobile payments into their new or existing online presence, as according to Braintree, it can take as little as 15 minutes for a developer to build the option into an existing website.

Speaking to CBR ahead of the announcement, John Lunn, senior director of PayPal and Braintree start-up and developer relations, called v.zero "the best payment SDK in the industry".

"It's very easy to integrate," Lunn said. "You're now able, with ten lines of code, to integrate a payments system into your website.
"With this new SDK, you don't actually ever have to see a credit card," he added, noting that such card payments are now securely stored and dealt with by Braintree's PCI-compliant system.

Lunn said that the kit should be of interest to small businesses which already have a developer amongst their in-house staff, as the company looks to expand its relationships with growing companies. Last month, Braintree announced its Start Tank programme, already underway in the US, would be coming to the UK, as the company looks to accommodate a selection of fledging businesses in its London office, with the winners of special funding set to be announced next month.

As well as the UK, the v.zero SDK will also be launched in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and Sweden, following its release in the US last week, with plans to expand this further in the future.

The London-based company, which counts the likes of Airbnb and Hailo among its customers, was bought by PayPal for $800m last year to become part of the eBay family. It currently processes up to $12bn (£7.4bn) in payments per year - a third of that that via mobile apps, to around 4,000 merchants worldwide.

"We're eager to help unlock innovation around the globe by removing payments as a barrier for businesses trying to monetize, and helping merchants get access to world class, customizable payment tools and features in minutes," said Klas Bäck, Braintree's general manager of international & payment strategy.

"We're looking forward to seeing what new experiences innovators will build with the Braintree v.zero SDK."



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