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5 of the coolest exhibitions at the Prince Felipe Science Museum

The Boardroom Duncan MacRae

14:29, June 2 2014


Valencia's science and technology museum is a monument to Prince Felipe's (now the King of Spain's), passion for technology.

Prince Felipe has become the new King of Spain - taking over from his dad, Juan Carlos - but did you know that Felipe is a lover of all things science and technology?

The fact that one of Spain's top science and tech attractions has been named after him is a bit of a giveaway. The Príncipe Felipe Science Museum aka Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe is part of the City of Arts and Sciences, an entertainment-based cultural and architectural complex in Valencia. And it's crammed full of some of the best science and technology exhibitions you'll find anywhere in the world.

So, to celebrate King Felipe's new reign, we've cherry picked some of the most impressive exhibitions that can be enjoyed at his museum.

Chromosome Forest

The Chromosome Forest consists of 23 gigantic pairs of chromosomes, representing the human species' genome. Stroll around the display and you'll discover many little known facts about, well, you: How much water is in your body? What is your chemical composition? What lets you listen? Where does blood go when it leaves your heart?

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