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Facebook VP leaves to help journalist wife

The Boardroom Ben Sullivan

09:45, August 15 2014


Zuckerberg confidant was behind your Timeline.

Facebook's VP of product management, Sam Lessin, has announced his resignation from the firm.

He will officially leave the post on August 29, and said although he has no official plans, he wants to help wife Jessica Lessin with her new site The Information.

"If past performance is any indication, I will be starting something soon enough...What, I don't know, but generally volume of ideas has never been much of an issue for me," he said.

Lessin was a prominent Facebook employee and allegedly a close Harvard confidant of CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

His startup, Drop.iom, was bought by Facebook in 2010, where Lessin then worked on the 'timeline' feature for Facebook.

Source: Company Press Release

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