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Google investing in women’s IT skills

The Boardroom Amy-jo Crowley

10:10, June 27 2014


The company will pay for thousands of developers to attend free classes.

Google is investing in thousands of women and minorities already in tech to advance their skills.

The search giant, in collaboration with its third annual techmakers programme, has teamed up with Code School to provide thousands of the online learning platform's paid accounts for free.

Code School's CEO, Gregg Pollack, said Google will pay for three months for select women and minorities already working in IT, in efforts to expand their skills.

"Today, a quarter of IT roles are held by women, and African Americans only make up about 3% of scientists and engineers," he said.

"The situation is clear: we have a long way to go in order to create a diverse, open and inclusive tech community. And while there is no silver bullet, we're excited to work with Google on this piece of the educational puzzle."

The offer comes after Google recently published its diversity report, which revealed that women make up 17% of Google's tech employees, while African-Americans and Hispanics make up 1% and 2% respectively.

Pollack added: "Code School offers a large number of courses that cater to intermediate to experienced developers (in addition to beginner courses). This includes a number of Google-related technology courses such as Shaping Up With Angular.js, Exploring Google Maps for iOS, Discover Drive and Discover DevTools."

Source: Company Press Release

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