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18:30, October 5 1987

Western Digital Corp's Paradise Systems Inc subsidiary in South San Francisco has now packaged up its PVGA1 IBM VGA-compatible controller chip, announced in July, into two graphics boards for MS-DOS micros based on the 80286 and 80386 - and also, cheekily, for IBM's old tech-nology 8086-based Personal System/2 Models 30 and 25. According to Pa-radise, its VGA boards are the only ones available that emulate IBM's VGA board at the hardware register level. The Paradise VGA Professional Card, with 16-bit bus, offers maximum monochrome resolution of 1,024 by 768; maximum colour resol-ution is 800 by 600, with 16 colours on the screen. At 640 by 480 resolution it puts up 256 colours from a palette of 262,144. The card is also compatible EGA, CGA, MDA, and Hercules and has a fast Windows drivers. It needs a PS/2 analogue monitor or multifrequency analogue monitor and costs $599 from November. The new VGA Plus Card is designed for hardware and software-level compatibility with the video controller on the PS/2 models 50 and up and works with the new PS/2 analogue monitors as well as with older TTL RGB monitors and multifrequency monitors; it's $399.


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