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Yammer offers feature that reads employee emotions

Software Tineka Smith

06:19, August 9 2012

The social business network has implemented a feature that analyses the attitudes and perceptions of employees when using the network.


Yammer's integration with Kanjoya, a company that develops emotion-aware sentiment analysis, will allow employers to see what the employees are potentially feeling based on their conversation when using the Yammer network.

"We are excited to be partnering with Kanjoya to offer an additional layer of analytics to our customers who are eager to gain deeper awareness and understanding of the discussions happening in their Yammer networks," said Jim Patterson, chief product officer at Yammer. "By enabling this integration, Yammer customers will be able to recognise when something has affected employees either positively or negatively -- and take action."

If an HR manager announces a change to the company's health benefits she can use the Crane analytics to see employee responses and determine if most are upset or annoyed.

Kanjoya's Crane technology can analyse up to 80 different emotions. Employers can search Crane for company emotions towards a specific topic as well see employees that are the most liked and praised in the company.

"The conversations in Yammer provide a wealth of insight into employee sentiment across all facets of the business," said Armen Berjikly, founder and ceo of Kanjoya. Kanjoya's Emotional Intelligence engine takes this data from Yammer and delivers detailed, actionable analytics, changing the way companies monitor internal sentiment from subjective gut-feel to data-driven."

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