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A Sound Advantage in Optimizing Audio Studios

Originally founded in 1947 to dub English films into French, De Lane Lea, recently engaged in the postproduction sound mixing and editing for Guillermo Del Torro’s film, Hell Boy II: The Golden Army. To provide its sound editors and mixers an optimal and productive working environment for this fi lm, De Lane Lea physically separated its sound editing workstations from the users in the studio by taking advantage of the versatile and reliable capabilities provided by Avocent’s HMX KVM over IP solutions.

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Avocent Success Story: Dutch Police Force

With security being a primary concern for the Dutch Police Force, when it redesigned the architecture of its IT infrastructure that supports its operations and processes, the region Northwest decided it needed to implement lights-out data centers to secure and manage its 600 servers. Based on its ability to provide a complete, comprehensive data center management solution, the Dutch Police Force region Northwest turned to Avocent to achieve its lights-out objective.

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Optimized Data Center Management, Efficiency, and Savings

A wholly-owned subsidiary of NTT Europe, NTT Europe Online provides managed hosting, security and application management services to enterprises around the world. Key to being able to deliver a secure and reliable environment are the Cyclades ACS console servers and Cyclades® PM power devices from Avocent that NTT Europe Online leverages to help manage its globally distributed data centers.

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University of Miami Upgrades Broadcast TV Infrastructure

As part of a complete broadcast studio renovation project, the University of Miami turned to Professional Communications Systems (PCS), a broadcast and audiovisual integrator and equipment supplier specializing in the design, installation and maintenance of turnkey audio and video communication systems to deliver a modernized broadcast technology solution. Thanks to Avocent KVM technology, the new facility features a centralized machine room to house all computer systems.

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