10:22, October 15 2009

By dynaTrace

The way applications are built today has fundamentally changed. A new generation of application performance management (APM) is required. dynaTrace is the innovator and emerging leader in APM.

We offer the only continuous APM system on the market, one that delivers a proactive approach to application performance that reduces the time to repair problems by 90% and eliminates the huge amounts of resources currently spent resolving performance issues.

dynaTrace delivers a new generation of innovative application performance management and diagnostic software for today's complex, distributed applications. Our patented PurePath™ technology enables development, test and production teams to rapidly resolve and proactively prevent application performance problems by capturing the detailed execution path of every transaction that an application handles.

Unlike traditional APM tools, dynaTrace collects deep diagnostic information on individual transactions without creating significant overhead on the system it is monitoring. As a result, for the first time it is possible to see the details behind every transaction processed by complex, high-volume production applications.

While a typical organisation spends 40% of its development resources trying to identify, capture, reproduce, diagnose and fix performance problems, dynaTrace can eliminate 90% of that wasted time so your organisation can focus on more valuable projects.


dynaTrace for production/operations teams

Globally manage application performance and rapidly resolve even sporadic severity 1 issues:

  • Trace every distinct transaction 24x7 with < 5% overhead
  • Monitor SLA conformance by customer or transaction type
  • Discover and map application dependencies with UML modelling
  • Document code-level transaction data on outliers automatically
  • Automatically adapt to dynamic virtualised environments


dynaTrace for test centres/QA teams

Deliver precise performance diagnostics and increase test centre productivity:

  • Easily integrate with load test tools to accelerate resolution of application issues that surface under load
  • Eliminate the need to rerun the same tests multiple times as all relevant data is automatically captured with the first run
  • Automate instrumentation configuration to maximise visibility with without having to understand application internals
  • Uncover performance regressions invisible to load testing tools
  • Deliver interactive offline diagnostics reports to developers


dynaTrace for development teams and architects

Visualise complex run times, validate system performance under load,and eliminate performance regressions early on:

  • Get the detailed information needed to fix performance issues
  • Find the root cause of performance problems in three clicks
  • Runtime model an application architecture's dynamic behaviour
  • Integrate with your IDE to performance tune multi-tier apps locally
  • Integrate with continuous integration systems to automatically detect performance regressions between builds immediately


For more information about Continuous Application Performance Management, click here.


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UK sales director
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