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Continuous Application Performance for Enterprise .NET Systems

IT needs a way to strategically implement application performance management across the entire software lifecycle, while providing each stakeholder in development, test, production and the business with the information they need for efficient collaboration to proactively prevent performance issues and quickly resolve those issues that occur later. This is the premise of dynaTrace's system for Continuous Application Performance Management.

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Continuous Application Performance Management

This white paper discusses the new requirements for application performance management (APM) in the face of accelerating complexity in application development, architectural design, and production environments. There is no question that applications continue to become more business critical. They are weapons upon which we rely to compete in our given marketplace. They are more externally focused than ever before, touching customers, business partners and supply chain and driving more and more of our business. These business critical applications must not just be “available” 24/7, they must perform optimally at all times for all users. They must scale further than ever before, supporting more and more users driving more and more transactions. And we are tweaking them, changing them, enhancing them more and more often than ever before. All this is going on while we fold in more 3rd party code including open source, distribute our applications globally and shift from physical to virtual production environments.

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Leveraging Performance Optimisation for Business Advantage: Bridging the Life-Cycle Gap Between Development, Transactions and Production

This white paper considers the business, IT, and operations challenges of enabling users to proactively find and repair performance and transaction problems in distributed applications (from development to deployment).

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OVUM Butler Group Technology Audit: dynaTrace Continuous APM

dynaTrace Continuous APM is an application performance management solution that enables organisations to isolate and fix application performance and scalability issues before they affect production environments. Also, a highly significant differentiator is its ability to operate in the live environment without significant overhead, aiding developers in tracing the causes of problems without having to recreate a case. The costs and delays brought about by software performance difficulties can be a significant competitive disadvantage, particularly as applications are closer than ever to business processes. The dynaTrace solution is capable of serving SOA-based and virtualised IT environments in addition to client-server applications, and it integrates with many ALM and IT management tools to provide holistic visibility into application performance.

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